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Below are my implementations of various Deep Learning papers (Github repo for other interesting implementations). I also have useful libraries for Swift, Python, Objective-C and rapid product development.

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Test tube

Test tube is a python library to track and optimize Deep Learning experiments. It's framework agnostic and is built on top of the python argparse API for ease of use.


 Image source:

Image source:

deepRLHACKS - My notes on john schulman's talk from uc berkely deep rl bootcamp (aug 2017)

Hacks for training RL systems from John Schulman's lecture at Deep RL Bootcamp (Aug 2017)


 Image-to-Image Translation with Conditional Adversarial Networks (pix2pix)

Original paper

This particular GAN (General Adversarial Network), learns a mapping between an image X to an image Y, where X is a different representation of Y. In their paper, Isola et al use this GAN to map from building facades to building images.