AI for Impact


Hi, I'm William Falcon. If you're searching for me, start here. I'm a Machine Learning undergrad researcher working at the intersection of Deep Learning and Computational Neuroscience.


Hi, I'm William, this is my academic page.

I work on artificial intelligence. My research interests are in the intersection between computational Neuroscience, deep learning and reinforcement Learning .  I'm passionate about using AI for impact. 

I'm a PhD candidate at NYU CILVR Lab (Computational Intelligence, Learning, Vision, and Robotics) co-supervised by Kyunghyun Cho and LCV (Laboratory for Computational Vision) co-supervised by Eero Simoncelli.

Previously I was at Columbia University's Center for Theoretical Neuroscience advised by professor Liam Paninski where I worked on Neural Decoding from the brain and retina using Deep Learning and Bayesian methods. 



Neural Networks for Efficient Bayesian Decoding of Natural Images from Retinal Neurons
Nikhil Parthasarathy, Eleanor Batty, William Falcon, Thomas Rutten, Mohit Rajpal, E.J. Chichilnisky, Liam Paninski
NIPS 2017 (main conference poster, spotlight), CCN 2017 (talk)

Predicting Floor-Level for 911 Calls with Neural Networks and Smartphone Sensor Data
William Falcon, Henning Schulzrinne
ICLR 2018 (main conference poster)

Cenozoic Antarctic DiatomWare/BugCam: An aid for research and teaching
Wise, S. W., M. Olney, J. M. Covington, V. M. Egerton, S. Jiang, D.K. Kulhanek, S. Ramdeen, H.Schrader, P. A. Sims, A. S. Wood, A. Davis, D. R. Davenport, N. Doepler, W. Falcon, C. Lopez, T. Pressley, O. L. Swedberg, D. M Harwood
Online Proceedings of the 10th International Symposium on Antartic Earth Sciences